Zapier Integration

If you don't already have a Zapier account start by creating one here

If you already have a Zapier account, start by logging in here.  

**To use ConectoHub Zapier Beta, you must log in via the invitation link

Once logged into your account, your first step is to connect your ConectoHub account with Zapier.

1. To do this, open the Integrations menu on ConectoHub.

2. Copy the ConectoHub API Key

3. Sign in with your Zapier account and enter  "Create a Zap" page.

4. Select ConectoHub

5. Select the "event" you want to trigger

6. Click Connect to ConectoHub account

6. Paste your copied ConectoHub API Key here and your ConectoHub account is connected.

7. Test your connection

8. It works successfully!

9. Now, define your Actions in step 2. For example, Sending a message to a Slack channel.

10. Your integration is done. In the last step, we will go live by saying “Turn on Zap”.

11. Click Turn on Zap and your integration is live!

Your Integration will be displayed in ConectoHub as below:

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